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9 Reasons to Take a New Look at Reverse Mortgages

The provisions of this Chapter 49 adopted July 9, 2010, effective July 10, 2010, 40 Pa.. Applicant-A person who submits an application for a reverse mortgage loan. that makes proprietary reverse mortgage loans should consider the negative.. When a licensee has reason or should have reason to believe that an.

On the other hand, reverse mortgage rules do require that applicants undergo credit counseling beforehand, which can alert borrowers to potential reverse mortgage pitfalls and help them decide whether a reverse mortgage is the right choice for them or whether other options might be better.

In order to be eligible for a reverse mortgage, the borrower must be 62 or older and have a substantial amount of equity in the home. So why are seniors taking out reverse mortgages? Here’s a look at some of the most common reasons a senior homeowner would want to take out a reverse mortgage: To pay off debt.

The New Reverse Mortgage is a versatile retirement funding tool that can be utilized in many ways. Here are just some of them: Pay off your forward mortgage to reduce your monthly expenses. Re-model your home to accommodate aging limitations. Maintain a line of credit (that grows) for health emergencies and surprises.

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Reverse mortgage lenders, by tapping into your reservoir of nostalgia and goodwill, are also hoping to get you to tap into some of that good old home equity you’ve built up over the years.

That’s another reason to take a reverse mortgage with a line of credit sooner rather than later. Over many years, the line of credit can increase to far more than the original amount.

Reverse mortgages are a type of home equity loan for homeowners 62 years and older. If you have been thinking about getting a reverse mortgage, here are 9 new reasons to take a fresh look at the program. 1. You Are Protected in a natural disaster. floods. fires. Earthquakes. It has been a rough few months.

However, the new reverse mortgage allows borrowers to choose a "mini" payment option that enables them to take less money at closing. For example, if you are eligible for a $100,000 loan, but don’t want to take that much, you can choose a single disbursement option equal to 60% or less of that sum.

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