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Mid America Mortgage, Inc. participates in the mortgage tax credit certificate program for FHA first time home buyers in San Antonio. A first time home buyer is defined as someone who has not owned a home in the last 3 years, and it does not matter if the home loan was FHA or was in San Antonio or not.

Search by bank name to see a list of mortgage lenders or mortgage brokers who work there. You can also search by location to find a lender who is licensed to work in your area. Just be sure to use the ZIP code of the home you want to buy or refinance, especially if it’s in a different state than you currently live in.

Although the information you get through county public records is thorough, it may not always be up to date. RealEstateABC estimates that public records are always outdated by at least 6 to 8 weeks.. Pay the Fees. It’s free to inspect mortgage records but you’ll be charged to obtain a copy.Fees for copies of property records vary by county, but expect to pay between $5 and $15 for a full set.

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Additionally, when you purchase a home, it’s not uncommon for your mortgage lender. can typically find the parcel information if you look up your home through your local assessor’s office, many of.

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The housing boom created a rich climate for mortgage fraud and. Washington Field, Miami, San Francisco, Chicago, and Salt Lake City, respectively. The current investigations do not merely involve.

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