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The Legal Lowdown on Owning Manufactured Homes

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Manufactured housing is required by federal law to be built to the National Manufactured Housing Construction and Safety Standards. Both state and federal law prohibits any other local construction standard for manufactured housing. However, local governments can (and often do) regulate the installation of manufactured homes.

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Pennsylvania has enacted the Mobile Home Park Rights Act (MHPRA) to protect individuals and families who both 1) own their mobile home and 2) rent space for that mobile home in a mobile home park. A mobile home park is any site on which three or more mobile homes used for residences are located. The owner of the mobile home park is required to post a copy of the MHPRA in the park.

Build value – Owning land with your home may also help your prefab home appreciate, letting your home gain value over time, especially if your home is permanently affixed to the land. Now that you’re well aware of the value of owning the land your home is on, we’ll glance at a couple questions about finding land for a Clayton Built home.

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Manufactured homes are also built in factories, but they are completely constructed before being transported on their own chassis or frame, and on their own wheels, to the home site. It can be more difficult to customize manufactured homes, but at the same time, it’s also often possible to have a manufactured home delivered within days.

But it’s different, in many ways, from buying a standard home. In particular, a mobile home does not come with land. Instead, if you plan to stay in one place for an extended time, you must lease your place in a mobile home community. State law generally governs the sale of mobile homes, and is an important tool for protecting consumers.

Although some manufactured homes are designated real estate because of their many similarities to site-built homes, most manufactured homes are still considered personal property absent an affirmative action by the homeowner to change its designation. All too often, however, homeowners are not permitted to classify their homes as real property.

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